What language is Jesus Christus?

What language is Jesus Christus?

Lots of people recognize the name “Jesus Christus” as it is so familiar and akin to “Jesus Christ”. “Jesus Christus” the the Afrikaans, Dutch and German translated name for “Jesus Christ”. Many people will be glad to hear that Jesus Christus actually means Jesus Christ and refers to the same King of Kings and Lord of Lords, just in a different language!

God created languages

The Bible teaches us that God created the different languages at the scattering of the people on earth at the Tower of Babel.

With thousands of languages out there, obviously one would wonder what language is Jesus Christus stemming from? But it’s from 3 closely linked languages. With the base in German, Dutch is a derivative from German language and Afrikaans is a derivative from the Dutch language.

Jesus Christus .co.za

www.JesusChristus.co.za is the Afrikaans website for Afrikaans language speaking people to get more info about the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Welkom aan alle Afrikaans sprekendes op die webswerf. Hier word die Here Jesus se Naam GROOT gemaak!

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